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Top 4 Reasons to Implement Social Media Marketing at Your Business

Here are just some of the top reasons that Social Media Marketing will benefit your company:

1) Develop a dialogue with your customers: Sure you might know who your most regular customers are, but are they your most vocal supporters (or detractors)? By opening social media channels for your organization, you’re able to create a forum for discussion in a place that you can control. By having readily accessible facebook pages or twitter feeds, it provides an alternative to customers looking to vent rather than in a forum like Google Places or Yelp, where you’re less able to respond to criticism. Customer service via social media is often expected, and frequent communication with customers can increase customer loyalty.

2) Build your fanbase: Once you begin to amass a following on your social media channels, friends of your network can begin to take notice. If followers within your network mention you or your services, their comments will post on their friends’ feeds, and may help to increase some brand recognition for your company. Even if your fans do not mention you, you’re able to advertise directly to friends of your facebook fans. This means that ads to non-fans will appear with their friends who are fans of yours. Here’s an example to the left.

3) Social Media channels provide excellent SEO: Google says that links presented on facebook or twitter pages are no-followed, meaning that links that you add to your social media sites are not directly used as indicators of your website’s importance. This isn’t to say, though, that they don’t help in other ways. Social Media sites often show up in search directly, often on the first page, and can help influence customers’ perceptions of your company’s openness and willingness to communicate directly with customers.

4) See what the competition is doing: With social media accounts established, it’s quite easy to build lists and follow competitor’s accounts and find out some of their promotions or sales, hear about new product announcements or changes in management, and more.

Social Media and Online Marketing Services in Houston

Quantum Mass Media is a Houston-based social media and online marketing group specializing in creating and optimizing your company’s online presence.

We are able to work closely with your organization to analyze your core marketing message and transfer it to a social media and online platform, including initial strategy creation, account setup, and content development for social platforms.

In addition, we have experience in working with your organization to find out what type of social media interaction your employees or executives should have on behalf of your company and codify this into an official policy. 

We are also able to set up google places (listingon google maps), paid google, bing, or facebook advertising, blog creation andwriting, and search engine optimization for websites.

Please let me know you feel that your organization could bebetter represented online or in the social media space, or if you might haveanyone in your network you can refer me to. I appreciate it!

Marketing – All About Setting Yourself Apart

This video’s garnered over 50 million hits, all because of the unique way that the wedding party entered the church. Your marketing campaigns should make a similar impact. If it’s not remembered, why even do it!

Welcome to Quantum Mass Media!

Welcome to the Quantum Mass Media Weblog.

I’m your host, Eric T. Tung, creator of Quantum Mass – but what does that mean?

Quantum comes from Latin, meaning “how much,” but in physics, refers to “the smallest quantity of radiant energy, equal to Planck’s constant times the frequency of the associated radiation” (

With respect to marketing, we’re looking to “how much” media or marketing is necessary for a company, product, or campaign to be successful. Physics is confusing, advertising doesn’t have to be.

Throughout this website, be on the lookout for the TungsTen Tips, or my tips for successful implementation of marketing campaigns.

Thank you for reading, and I look forward to hearing from you.

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