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Google Plus: 1269% Traffic Increase Threatens LinkedIn

Google Plus opened its doors to the public a couple weeks ago, and has already seen a 1,269% increase in traffic, according to Experian Hitwise, a market research company. The 15 million hits to the site are still nowhere near the traffic of facebook, who passed google for largest share of screentime with users last month, but it was enough to include Google Plus within the top 10 social networks (for scale, Facebook had 1.8 billion hits).

The traffic surge is enough to position Google Plus to set its sights on networks like MySpace and Linked In. In fact, Global Equities Research has downgraded LinkedIn’s shares from “overweight” to “equal weight” and its forecasts from 8 cents earnings per share to 4 cents. “The brokerage said it reduced its estimates for LinkedIn to reflect probable revenue share loss to Google+ in the hiring and marketing solutions categories.” according to the article.
Between LinkedIn, Google Plus, and facebook, LinkedIn does seem to be the easiest target, with a slow innovation rate, and few third-party developer created features. Some analysts have seen that Google Plus users have already ported LinkedIn networks into Google Plus circles, further signaling a likely LinkedIn demise. 
What will actually happen remains to be seen, but Google Plus has definitely made permanent and noticeable waves in the social media arena. What do you think will happen? Let us know in the comments below. 

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