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5 Reasons Why Dr Pepper 10 Failed

By now, you’ve probably heard about the Dr. Pepper 10 fiasco. The short version is that Dr. Pepper launched Dr. Pepper 10 trying to specifically market it for men, to the point that the tag line is, “It’s not for women.” Here’s 5 reasons why they fail.

1) Dr. Pepper fails at trying to replicate the success that Old Spice had with Isaiah Mustafa. The difference here is that Old Space was marketing to men by speaking to the women, and telling the women that their men aren’t the man they their man could be. Dr. Pepper 10 is marketing to men by speaking to men, but talking down to women. Bad move.

The Old Spice Guy and Me at Radian6 Social 2011
2) Dr. Pepper fails at trying to reach out to women. Sure they’re not trying to reach out to women through this ad, but I’m sure that Dr. Pepper 10 was developed because Diet Dr. Pepper’s primary market is women. I’m sure they’ll see declines in Diet Dr. Pepper’s sales to women as well.
3) Dr. Pepper even fails at trying to reach out to men. I’m not sure I know any men that drive around in the rainforest shooting lasers, but what about men that enjoy cross stitch, flower arrangement, or cooking? Are they not men too?
4) Dr. Pepper fails in playing the gender card.

“I suspect this is an example of where human insight counts? Diets = transgender. Fashion = transgender. taste = transgender. Gender targetting only seems to be relevant if selling fem hygiene products and PSA tests these days? Not that obtuse… I get the whole yummy mummy factor, but I can’t figure out why a main stream soda brand would play gender card.” @kcraft on twitter

5) Dr Pepper Irony Fail? On the flip side, Jim Edwards on BNET says that:

I hope Dr Pepper does not cancel its interesting new campaign for Dr Pepper…Even though the launch ad features a guy laser-fighting and snake wrestling his way through a jungle while criticizing romantic comedies…This campaign isn’t a chauvinist throwback. It’s a wry commentary on the marketing truism that men often don’t choose diet drinks. The ad virtually shouts its sarcasm — at one point the Schwarzenegger stand-in shouts “catchphrase!”

Edwards even goes on to compare it to British Chocolate bar Yorkie, who’s tagline is “Its Not For Girls.”

Does this mean that it’s ok? Does this mean that Yorkie’s campaign was perfectly fine? I don’t think so.

What do you think? Let me know in the comments.

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