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2 New Twitter Features will increase Engagement: Activity Tab & Follows/RTs

Twitter is continuing to add increased functionality this morning. They’ve added some great features and reorganizing two tabs to increase engagement with followers and making it easier to see followers engaging with you. The two new features include an Activity Tab and replacing the Mention tab with an @ tab. The @ tab includes follow and ReTweet notifications within the old mention tab. Overall, it seems that Twitter is starting to improve user experience and making it easier to see much easier to get a better grasp of who is engaging with you, and identifying new people you might want to include into your network.

Activity Tab
The Activity screen is completely new, combining features to provide a Facebook feed type experience, and allowing users to see activities by followers to more easily engage with their networks. 
Follows: Lists new people your follows are now following, and provides a follow button for instant following. Great for finding new people you might want to follow!

Lists: Shows lists that your follows are creating, and who they’ve added to that list. You can click through to the list and follow there.
Favorites: Shows tweets that people you follow have favorited and give you an option to favorite, retweet, or reply to the tweet.

@ Tab

The @ tab has replaced the mentions tab, but is much more functional, adding new follows and RTs all within the same screen, giving additional ways to engage with new followers, RTers, and still be able to respond to mentions.
Followed: Lists your new followers making it quite a bit easier to see how many and when you have new followers, and making it easier to engage with them.
Retweeted: Shows retweets within the same tab, instead of having to click through a couple layers to see who’s retweeted you. This might be one of my favorite new features!
Mentions: Same functionality as before.
Overall, it seems like twitter is starting to get it – making it easier to engage with new followers, find good new content and people to include in your network, and combining functionality of several tabs into one area for improved user experience. The last thing I’m looking for from twitter is analytics – but I haven’t heard anything about that! 

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